Making Wise Investments 

by | May 9, 2022 | Personal Development

How we spend our time today determines what options we have available to us in the future. With so many choices out there, it can be hard to decide where to invest our energy. Fortunately, we’ve made this process a little easier by examining the importance of various investments.  

Invest in yourself. 

Devote time to pursuing your passions and learning new things every day (even if they scare you). If you’re feeling called to switch careers, give yourself permission to do some research, and take the risk. Investing in yourself means trusting your intuition, having confidence in your abilities, and loving yourself enough to validate your thoughts and actions. Other ways to invest in yourself include prioritizing your mental health and physical wellness.  

  • Spend at least 30 minutes a day moving your body.  
  • Nourish your body with healthy fruits and vegetables.  
  • Get a full night’s rest (use a sound machine to drown out distracting noise if necessary).  
  • Express yourself creatively.
A zoomed in view of a girl with fanned out colorful cards sits with two other people playing a game.

Invest in your family.  

Spending quality time with the people you love is one of the very best investments you can make. See if you can go beyond streaming the latest movie. Instead, brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas that’ll bring you closer together.  

  • Practice taking turns during family game night.  
  • Talk about healthy food choices as you plant a vegetable garden. 
  • Read your way through the kids’ section at the library.  
  • Plan a scavenger hunt at the nearby park.  
A table with a light blue tablecloth displays rows of homemade artisan breads. A man in a green shirt is selling the bread to a woman with a royal blue top holding a canvas bag.

Invest in your community.  

You rely on your community every day! From the food you eat, the places you shop, to the libraries, nonprofits, and service workers that make up a thriving city. Show your appreciation for the people all around you by actively engaging with your community.  

  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen. 
  • Wave back to the crossing guards as you pass by a school. 
  • Purchase your fresh produce from the weekly farmer’s market.  
  • Leave a small thank you note for your postman.
Three people from the back, each with an open umbrella, standing together on a crowded street.

Invest in your future. 

One of the hardest areas to invest in is the unknown. Even if you’re not 100% on where you’ll be in 10 years, you know that you’ll want to be prepared should an emergency arise. Now is the time to start setting money aside for a “rainy day.” In fact, we are guaranteed to have extra expenses come up down the line that we can prepare for today. Your car will eventually break down, your furnace will eventually give out, and your kid (will likely) eventually need braces or sprain their ankle. There will also come a day when you’re ready to retire! Investing money into a retirement account that accrues interest is a smart way to save for your future.  

Invest in your legacy. 

This is a big one. If you want to invest in something that’ll have a return not just during your lifetime, but beyond, start thinking about your legacy. Ask yourself: What positive influence can you have on others through your words and actions? Maybe this means sharing your faith. Perhaps this means acquiring wealth and making wise money decisions to ensure your children are well provided for. Or, being a good steward of your resources to guarantee that they’ll outlast you. Can you inspire someone in such a way that’ll cause them to take steps toward lasting change for our world?  

These are big decisions requiring a lot of thought, planning, and foresight. But it’s so worth investing the time and energy now to reap rewards in your future. (Think, delayed gratification!) Sit down with your journal and plan for how you’ll achieve all that you’ve ever imagined. The time to begin is now.   

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