Smart Office

Outfitting Your Workspace for Success  Even if we have the best intentions, inefficient technology and outdated systems can hold back our productivity. When you're excited about starting a new business or tackling a new project, first take a moment to create...

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A laptop sits open on top of a long table up against a large glass window. A palm houseplant and white, modern chairs sit nearby.
Personal Development

Designing Your Life 

If you feel like life is happening to you rather than you being in control of your life, it’s time to rethink your priorities and revise how you go about your day. By adding more intentionality to your actions, you’re able to design your life in a way that’ll bring...

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A group of people sit around a table mapping out a process flow using colorful sticky notes. A silver laptop sits in front of them.

Creating a Growth Mindset in Kids 

Kids can learn big ideas from a very young age. This is exciting, but also puts the pressure on parents to be extra mindful of what they’re passing down. One concept to be conscious of is not to tie a child's worth too closely to results-based success. Rather than...

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