Ryder and Nicole Erickson: Serving God and Others Everyday

Ryder and Nicole Erickson are dressed up in black formal wear and standing in front of vibrant red roses.

Ryder and Nicole were both successful entrepreneurs when they met each other at a networking function. They recognized similar values in each other and were attracted to each other’s love for faith, desire for a family, and strong work ethic. Years prior, Ryder owned a DJ business, was a personal trainer, and invested in rental properties before he decided to channel his energy and focus into building his current companies. Nicole and Ryder only became better, stronger, and happier when they joined forces.


Seven kids later, the couple splits their time between southern Idaho and Florida. God is paramount in the Erickson’s lives, and they keep their faith at the forefront of everything they do. It’s also important to them to instill these values in their children. Their family motto is “Love God, love people. Serve God, serve people.” It’s their goal to demonstrate their love for God through their actions.


The Erickson family not only consists of seven fun-loving kids, but one bad-tempered Cheagle (Chihuahua/Beagle). They enjoy spending time together playing sports, engaging in outdoor activities, and traveling. You can find them playing tennis, hiking in the beautiful Boise mountains, or out skiing. No matter what they’re up to, they love to do it together and spend time with one another.


The Ericksons love having a good time. They take their business seriously, but not themselves. By allowing themselves to let their guards down and be silly, they’re able to enjoy a simple, stress-free life.

Ryder and Nicole Erickson are sitting outside together on a white, wooden bench.


From business to parenting, and more—Ryder and Nicole value being on the same team. They present a unified front to their kids and their business partners as they go after their dreams together. Having a shared vision helps them to remain focused on their priorities.

Servant Leadership

When guiding their team and their family, Ryder and Nicole strive to demonstrate what it means to be “servant leaders.” They develop trust with their team by prioritizing the needs of others and supporting and empowering everyone around them. They understand that you can learn from failure and instead of dwelling on mistakes, they motivate their team with encouragement.

Ultimately, they want to live a life of no regrets that’s full of significance as they leave a legacy for their children and a lasting impact on everyone they meet.

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