Why Giving is the Best Present

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Personal Development

Picture this: a mountain of presents all beautifully wrapped with big bows on top, and they’re all for you! What fun, right? Of course, we all know how exciting it is to receive presents. We look with wonder at the wrapped gifts in front of us asking ourselves, “What’s in the box?” as a friend or loved one hands us something special. But as exciting as this experience seems, it’s even more memorable to be the one who gives the gifts. Do you agree? Read on to learn why giving is the best present!  

It shows you listen. 

Giving gifts is a wonderful way to show someone that you’ve actively taken note of their likes and dislikes. Your gift should reflect that you’ve observed their key personality traits and listened to their preferences. Even if they just said something off-hand, such as their favorite place to get coffee or favorite color, take note and customize your gift just for them. Make an extra effort to select an especially thoughtful gift for your family member, friend, client, or coworker. Here are a few fun examples: 

  • For the book buff: An original copy of their favorite book or a gift card to their favorite local bookstore. 
  • For the music enthusiast: Concert tickets to a local show or an Apple™ music subscription. Or go vintage with a unique record player! 
  • For the lifelong learner: A National Geographic™ subscription and a copy of your favorite professional development book.  
  • For the introvert: A rejuvenating at-home spa day gift basket, complete with body scrubs, bath bombs, and your favorite scented candle.  

Pro Tip: Listen intently and keep track of what you hear in a notebook or the notes section of your phone to ensure you find the perfect gift.  

It shows you care. 

Giving gifts allows you to reveal something special about your relationship. As you select the perfect gift, think about what you like to do together. Maybe you enjoy being active and want to give a beautiful scarf for your midday walks outside in the cold. Or, if you enjoy watching movies together, perhaps you choose a selection of popcorn and candy that they can enjoy during your next hangout. If the person has noted that they love your hand soap when they come over, snag them a couple bottles to include in your next gift! Whatever you decide to give, allow it to reflect the unique relationship you have with the person.    

It doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Gift giving can be stressful if you put pressure on yourself to purchase something expensive or elaborate … but it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep in mind that oftentimes it’s the simple, homemade gift that really stands out. If you make the gift yourself, it doesn’t have to cost much, and it’s guaranteed to be one of a kind. Consider putting your calligraphy skills to work in designing a homemade card or having some fun in the kitchen making homemade cookies and candies for your coworkers and clients. Put your personalized stamp on your gifts by adorning them with your favorite ribbons or in festive tins.  

It makes you feel great. 

One of the best parts of being on the giving end of gifts is how fabulous it is to witness the joy on someone’s face as they open up your thoughtful present. It’s so rewarding to be able to tangibly express your affection and/or appreciation for someone else. And it’s exciting to know that they’ll be grateful for the time and attention you put into choosing the perfect gift just for them. Likely, you’ll enjoy this feeling so much that you’ll repeat the behavior again and again! 

It can make someone feel amazing.  

Although the above reasons are all awesome in their own right, we’ve saved the most important and impactful reason for last: how gifts make others feel! Receiving a gift makes you feel seen, heard, and respected. It makes you feel valued, loved, and like someone really gets you. The ability to create all of these emotions, and more—in others, is remarkable! By giving a special gift, you’re able to brighten someone’s day, improve their mood, and warm their spirit. Wow! Gift giving is truly a tremendous gift. 

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