3 Ways to Celebrate the End of the School Year

by | May 15, 2019 | Family

The kids have studied hard and successfully completed another year of school. It’s time to celebrate and let loose! Leave behind the stress of homework and pop quizzes, and turn your sights to something more exciting. No matter your student’s age or personality, the perfect summer adventure is just around the corner. Here are three ways to celebrate the end of the school year.

  1. A Summer Vacation
  • Theme Park

You can’t go wrong with a classic summer trip to an amusement park.With themes for every niche, you’re guaranteed to find a park that fits your child’s needs. Here are some options:

  • Beach

Sand castles, crashing waves and endless sunshine. Those are just a few of the perks of making the coast your destination of choice. If your little one had a busy year and is in need of a reset, let the ocean provide a bit of natural R&R.  

  • Road Trip Across the Country

Even though the school year has ended, the learning doesn’t have to stop! What could be more fun (and educational) than a hands-on geography lesson with family? Get your children involved in the process of deciding which tour stops should make the cut.  

  1. An End-of-Year Party
    • Slumber Party

During the school year, slumber parties are few and far between due to demanding academic and extracurricular calendars. However, summer nights stand in stark contrast to those busy schooltime schedules. Gather the gang and throw a slumber party for the ages. Pull out all the stops and ring in summer with kid-friendly, late night fun. Shadow puppets, funny movies and scary stories are time-honored go-tos that will start the night off right.

  • Pool Party

Warm weather was made for pool parties and backyard BBQ’s; combine the two for the party of the summer. Increase the fun by giving your little one a bit of creative control over the music playlist, poolside menu or guest list. But most importantly, make sure to prioritize water safety.

  • Game Night

Gather all the board, video and computer games you can find, then extend invitations to friends and family alike. You can even ask guests to bring their own game collections to share. Add some finger foods and a little music, and you’ve got yourself a night full of fun!

  1. Plan Extracurricular Activities
    • Join a Sports Team

P.E. may not be in session over summer break, but your student can still stay in excellent shape. Keep busy and stay fit by checking out local chapters of clubs that host recreational sports (e.g. the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club). With a plethora of teams available, your child is bound to find a sports program that will bring them hours of summertime fun.

  • Take a Class

Make summer learning fun by allowing your children to take control of their studies. Local community colleges, universities and community centers offer summer courses for kids of all ages. Students will end the summer, even smarter than they entered, by: learning a new language, taking up a hobby or developing a skill.

After a year of tedious study, your children deserve some time to relax. Pick a few of the options above to start summer break the right way.