3 Tips to Balance a Rising Career and A Young Family

by | May 15, 2020 | Family

Growth is exciting, especially when it comes to your career and family. But it can also bring new challenges. Increased time commitments and responsibilities can lead to an unhealthy imbalance between your job and your loved ones. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this dilemma. Here are three tips to balance a rising career and a young family. 

1. Create Ground Rules As a Family

When trying to balance a career and family, it’s important to address expectations. Schedule a time to sit down with your spouse to discuss the changing demands on your time and attention. Make an effort to come to an agreement on ground rules that will help ensure all obligations are being met in a way that satisfies both work and your family. Maybe you’ll agree to be home by a certain time. You may decide to turn off your phone during dinner. Or you may choose to split household chores in a new way. Whatever conclusion you and your partner reach, make sure to be consistent about upholding your end of the bargain.  

2. Get in the Habit of Checking In

Successful careers often require long days filled to the brim with meetings, business calls and emails. Even though you may be stuck at work, away from your family, you can still reach out and make them feel loved. Get in the habit of utilizing calls, texts and video apps to keep in touch. Schedule a few short breaks in your day to step outside of the office and check-in with your spouse and kids. Even if they are busy, you can still leave a sweet video message, or funny text, to remind them they’re always on your mind. 

3. Make Quality Time Count

If your rising career has caused you to cut back on family time, make sure the time you do spend together is meaningful. Instead of waiting for memorable family moments to happen spontaneously, purposefully plan fun activities during times you know you’ll be free. Here are some ideas:

  • Weekend road trips
  • Family game night
  • Holiday parties
  • Weekly movie nights

A budding career and flourishing home life are not mutually exclusive. There’s no reason you can’t have both. With these three tips, you’ll be able to find the sweet spot that will allow you to balance your responsibilities at work and at home, resulting in a happier life overall.