Smart Office

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Business

Outfitting Your Workspace for Success 

Even if we have the best intentions, inefficient technology and outdated systems can hold back our productivity. When you’re excited about starting a new business or tackling a new project, first take a moment to create an efficient work environment. The goal of any smart space is to help you not only work smarter, but faster and better, too. Here are our tips on creating an effective smart office! 

Start Simple 

You don’t need to take out a loan or invest in a bunch of fancy gadgets that you don’t know how to use. Simple switches to your space can make a big difference. For example, sit-to-stand desks are often more comfortable when working for long periods of time. If a new adjustable desk is out of your price range, the same effect can be replicated by stacking books on a desk or using higher countertops. These transitions are a small but important start. Next, make a list of other items that could be made “smarter,” such as your HVAC and lights. Investigate the cost of replacing these items with high efficiency options that’ll decrease your energy use as well as your electricity bill.  

Add Tech 

Consider what other changes you could make to your environment to elevate your comfort and streamline your productivity.  

  • Use a smart phone so that you can seamlessly monitor multiple emails and apps at once.  
  • Check that your internet connection is strong and invest in an additional modem if needed.  
  • Connect with your team through quick messaging software, such as Workplace™ Chat.  
  • Rely on helpful scheduling apps or sites, such as Calendly™, to book meetings and schedule appointments.  
  • Set up video conferencing capabilities, such as Zoom™, which is a must in the work-from-home age we find ourselves in.  
A person points to a white board with a rocket drawn on it and the words “Product Roadmap.” There is also a black line labeled “Q1,” “Q2,” “Q3,” and “Q4” in blue marker.

Get Creative 

There are several other smart options to consider when making your space more functional to your needs. Think about what changes will bring the most value to you and your team. For instance, staying healthy and active enables coworkers to feel happier and more connected. Gamify friendly competition through apps like Vantage Fit™, which encourages healthy habits through contests, challenges, activity trackers, and fitness rewards. Use your favorite mug to organize your pens and personalize your space with pictures to inspire productivity! Then, clear out the clutter so that your clean office can match your clear mind. 

Get to work! 

No matter how many systems you’ve put into place in your office, at the end of the day, nothing beats the importance of effort. Commit to showing up consistently and working diligently every day to ensure success. Your determined attitude and willingness to go “all in” will make all the difference!  

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