Ready To Book A Hotel? Things To Consider In The New Normal

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Travel

On days when you want to recharge and have a quick change of scenery, staying in a posh hotel is one of the best options. With wonderful facilities and luxurious amenities available, it is a perfect way to laze around and pamper yourself. Yet because of the current pandemic, gone are the days when you can freely book a room reservation without much thought about health and safety protocols. Likewise, the establishment where you wish to stay may impose new guidelines for their guests to comply with. The following are a few things you need to know about hotel stay in the new normal:

You have new health and safety measures to follow.

Masks, gloves, along with a medical certificate stating you are virus-free will likely be required. Likewise, temperature checks are now a common thing everywhere so it is surely a mandatory procedure before check-in. Within the hotel premises, your temperature will likely be checked again to use amenities such as the buffet area or fitness center. You may not be allowed to enter premises in case your body temperature is higher than the normal range.

Some activities/amenities may be temporarily unavailable.

If you are booking a room to enjoy a certain activity or amenity, it is best to directly contact the hotel before confirming a reservation. This is because hotel management may deem it safe to prohibit the use of some amenities or close areas for some activities that may pose health risks. These are usually activities that can draw crowds and facilities with enclosed spaces.   

On the other hand, many hotels are now willing to offer flexible arrangements to meet the needs of their guests. For example, they can set-up a venue for a small gathering or event without violating any health guidelines.

The hotel should assure ultimate safety.

Staying in a hotel for a few days can provide the space you need to have fun or take a break but only if you do not have to constantly worry about catching a disease. This is why hotels have a duty to implement stringent measures that will assure the health and safety of all their visitors. Among other things, it includes efforts to keep the whole place sanitized at all times and having enough staff to maintain social distancing.

In relation to this, the hotel may further keep their guests at ease by including complimentary medical insurance in a booking. This freebie guarantees medical assistance in case a guest gets sick with COVID-19 while in the hotel.

There may be changes in terms regarding cancellation policies and loyalty cards.

If you are a loyalty cardholder in a certain establishment, there may be privileges that you cannot enjoy at the moment due to restrictions caused by the pandemic. Likewise, there may also be changes in policies related to rescheduling or canceling bookings. Rules will vary so it is advisable to inquire this matter directly to the hotel management.

Hotels and resorts may be badly hit by the pandemic yet it is clear that they are coping with the current situation. This indicates that the hospitality industry is bound to overcome this challenge soon.