Outdoor Activities You Can Safely Do During a Pandemic

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Outdoor Adventure

If you love outdoors, complying with quarantine policies due to COVID-19 may have been very difficult. This is understandable as it is definitely not easy to spend weeks or months locked up inside your home when you are raring to visit new places and try exciting adventures. Thankfully, the government is gradually easing rules as it starts to allow selected establishments and industries to operate again. Less stringent rules also give you the freedom to pursue things you enjoy such as spending time with nature and engaging in outdoor sports. Yet since the coronavirus disease remains to be a big threat to everyone’s health and safety, it is a given that many restrictions will still be in place. While some activities are deemed safe, others are regarded as too risky and unsafe. To make sure you will not contribute to the spread of the disease while enjoying a day out, here is quick rundown of activities that you can engage in:


Since the nature of the game allows players to be at a safe distance from each other, there is a great chance that the golf course near your place is open for business. As long as you follow safety protocols of the course, you can surely enjoy a round or two of golf. Who knows you may even score some ace in the holes. So you are thinking of ways to shake off your boredom from spending too much time inside, heading out to a golf course is a great idea.  


If you long to have some outdoor exercise and commune with nature, you can now walk, bike, or hike your way to nearby parks and trails. This is as long as you choose nearby destinations and do not join groups. Since group activities are discouraged for now, it is best to do your nature trip with limited companions, preferably those who live with you in the same household.


You may not need to postpone that beach or pool trip you have been planning because many States now allow establishments that cater to these activities to reopen. However, it is again a must to minimize physical contact with others while you lounge by the pool or take a dip on the beach. Aside from swimming, fishing is another outdoor activity you can engage in if you love being near water.

Note: Meanwhile, sports that require a team of players such as basketball, hockey, and soccer take a backseat for now as these games make it difficult to observe social and physical distancing. Going virtual or trying the online version of the said sports is one remedy if you really miss playing the game.

After months of diligently abiding by quarantine rules due to COVID-19, you are probably so excited to be out and about once again. However, if you wish to soon see the day when we can all safely go out without too many restrictions or risks to worry about, do not forget to exercise caution and be responsible in everything you do.