How to Overcome Negative Emotions

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Personal Development

Happiness and success are always associated with positive traits. We have always been taught that to enjoy a good life, we have to choose good virtues over bad ones. Although this is correct, it is also true that we are humans who are capable of all kinds of emotions. Since we are not living in an ideal world, there will certainly be situations that can spark negative emotions. It is not quite right to condemn yourself for having these negative feelings, after all, they are just genuine reactions to unfortunate situations.

However, even if you cannot totally suppress these negative feelings, you should definitely learn to control them. This is because when used the right way, you will discover that even negative emotions have benefits to offer. Take a look at the examples below:


Excessive worrying unearths unnecessary fears that can hinder you from getting things done. It can cripple your confidence and is most likely just a terrible waste of time. On the other hand, not worrying at all can make you lax, which may result in mediocrity and even failure. This means that a little worry is necessary to make us pay more attention to details and be more conscious of the consequences of our actions. Whenever worried, use it as a way to be more careful and attentive so you end up being more productive and producing excellent work.

Being jealous

People tend to be jealous whenever they come across people who seem smarter and more successful. Extreme envy can make you hate and hurt people for no reason. However, noticing the things that others have and you don’t can serve as an inspiration to improve yourself. Turn jealousy into an advantage by choosing to admire and emulate rather than loathe the people you are envious of.

Being selfish

You do not want to be too self-centered, as this trait can make the people around you miserable. Egotism that makes you blind about the needs of others because you are too focused on yourself can hinder you from building a meaningful relationship with anyone. However, being too selfless can also be destructive if you always allow others to have their way and forget about your own needs. It goes to show that everyone needs to be a bit selfish every once in a while. This will ensure that you do not push yourself to the limits and will remind you to devote time to self-care.

Being a whiner

No one wants to work with someone who keeps on complaining. A whiner who always highlights the things that are wrong can be a pain. However, your tendency to notice the mistakes can open room for positive changes to happen. You can be the voice that points out what needs to be improved for the betterment of all.  Nevertheless, remember to be empathetic when presenting your complaints by also considering the reasons behind them and listening to others.

To have a commendable mindset does not mean the absence of unpleasant emotions. Instead, it is more about knowing how to manage your negative thoughts and making them work to transform your life for the better.