Handling Life’s Transitions

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Personal Development

Imagine you’ve just come home, and your spouse informs you that their job is moving them across the country. Not only that, but you’ve recently found out you’re expecting a baby and are currently in the process of becoming a stay-at-home business owner. That’s a lot of transitions to take on at once!

Whether you’re adjusting to a big move, a new child at home, or a new role within your team—life is all about learning to adjust to transitions. Some are scary, others are exciting, but all of them present you with opportunities to learn, grow, and become an even stronger person on the other side. Take transitions as your chance to increase your flexibility, skill set, and relationships. Use our four tips to remain flexible as you head into the unknown.

Ask questions.

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One of the most exciting things about change is the opportunity to learn. If you’re moving, you have a whole new community to discover. If you’re changing positions or starting your own business, you’ll have a ton of new systems, policies, and requirements to embrace. Rather than letting this information surprise you, come prepared with well-researched questions and take notes! Is there someone you can learn from who you like and trust? Consider seeking out a mentor for guidance along your journey.

Avoid transition traps.

If you get stuck in your old ways, you’ll have a harder time taking on new responsibilities. Be aware of the following transition traps:

Staying stagnant.

You can’t do the same thing in a new role. You might have to step up and learn new leadership skills, new software programs, or new management strategies. Be willing to change, adapt, and adjust as you go.

Knowing ALL the answers.

You can’t be an expert at anything on day one. Come ready to humbly learn new information and take on new techniques. If someone was previously in your new role, take them out to coffee. Ask for advice and tips on what to avoid. Express gratitude for their time and attention.

Making huge changes on day one.

People are naturally hesitant toward change. Even if you have big long-term changes in mind, don’t implement them all at once. Instead, gain your team’s trust, gather their input, and roll out your changes gradually.

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

The more you’re ready for what’s coming your way, the more smoothly you’ll step into your new stage of life. Research best practices for your position and anticipate challenges along the way. If your transition takes you into a leadership role, look here. Ask your teammates what they’d like to see done differently and what they feel is working well. Show up early and get ready to work hard!

Have fun!

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Have a good attitude as you navigate the changes all around you. Rather than letting yourself get overwhelmed, commit to smiling as you navigate this next wave of life. No matter where your transition takes you, show up with positivity and a heart to serve others. Laugh and learn from your mistakes. Continuously set and reset goals for yourself as you find success through life’s transitions.

Taking on a new role ultimately requires the guidance, grace, and support of others. Recognize the folks who have stood by you, so they know how much you appreciate their encouragement. Learn how to show your appreciation, and make it count, here.