3 Tips for the Best School Year Yet

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Family

With summer rapidly coming to a close and the school year starting back in full swing, the excitement, and perhaps anxiety levels, are peaked at this time of the year. Early mornings, new classes, full days, and more structure all mean one thing––a new school year. Whether you homeschool your kids or they are about to head into another year of traditional schooling, there are certain things to remember to help prepare your family for a successful and worthwhile school year ahead. Keep these tips in mind as school starts and use them throughout the year for the best school year yet.

Use a family calendar

We cannot stress this one enough. With kids running in ten million different directions, it can be hard to keep meetings, practices, games, and events straight. Hang a big calendar in the kitchen that everyone has access to so anyone can jot down appointments or important dates to remember quickly. That way everyone will always have an idea of what’s going on, and nothing will come as a surprise. Trust us, it will save time and stress for the whole family. And everyone could use a bit more of that during the school year.   

Make family time a part of your routine

We all know how busy weeks get once school starts because that means all the activities, sports, and clubs start too. So make an honest effort to set aside some time once a week, or even once a month, to slow down and get together as a family. Whether everyone sits down at the dinner table or you plan a family game night, make sure everyone is there and has an opportunity to talk and communicate with each other. Life only gets busier and busier, and communication is key when it comes to raising a family. So be sure you keep communication as a number one priority, especially throughout the school year, because that’s what establishes a foundation for a healthy and supportive family dynamic.

Identify goals

If you want to raise a successful family, you have to raise goal-driven children. Make sure your kids grow into the go-getter, dream-chasing people you want them to be by making goal-setting a habit at an early age. Although they can be, these goals don’t have to all be academically related. They can be anything from reading one book every month to making a new friend. Setting small, yet realistic goals each year is one of the most effective ways to set your children up for success. It will get them used to the idea of setting attainable goals that they will reference in the future.

Kick off back to school by implementing these 3 tips to make sure this is the best school year yet!