3 Rituals to Add to Your Morning Routine to Bring Your Family Closer Together

For many families, the process of getting dressed and out of the door can be a bit chaotic in the mornings. Sometimes there’s barely time for breakfast, so there’s definitely no time for family bonding, right? Well, not necessarily. With a few carefully selected routines, you can connect with your loved ones without adding stress to your day. Here are three rituals to add to your morning routine to bring your family closer together.


Music is powerful, motivational, and memorable. Not only can it help wake the family up and start everyone’s day on the right note, but the perfect tune can become the “family theme song.” Pick a song that fits the family dynamic and makes everybody want to dance, then start playing it every morning. If you really love music, you can create a whole playlist. If you get tired of your designated theme song, you can always replace it with a new one. After playing it daily, your family will affectionately come to know the song as “our song,” instantly creating warm thoughts of family. 

2. A Shared Activity

For some families this activity will be sitting down at the dining room table for breakfast. For others, it will be morning yoga. For families short on time, it may be something as quick as cramming into the bathroom to brush their teeth at the same time. Whatever your family chooses to do, be intentional about sharing a morning activity where everyone is in the same place, at the same time, doing the same thing. On the surface, it won’t feel like a big deal. But years later, you’ll cherish the memory of the laughs you shared during those rushed mornings as you made silly faces in the bathroom mirror.

3. Verbalize One Thing You’re Looking Forward To

This quick practice is simple enough to make a habit of but meaningful enough to make an impact. By stating what you’re looking forward to, you’re starting your day with optimism and isolating the most positive aspect of what’s ahead. By listening to what everyone else in your family is looking forward to, you will learn a lot about the current events in their lives, every single day. This will help you stay in tune with each other, with very little effort. And with nothing more than a one-sentence check-in at the beginning of each day, you’ll have a starting point for a conversation to return to later in the day. 

Starting your day with family time is an investment worth making. Use these three tips to build family bonding into your morning routine. Looking back, your children will appreciate the effort you made to weave the importance of family in the fibers of each and every day.  

Ryder and Nicole Erickson3 Rituals to Add to Your Morning Routine to Bring Your Family Closer Together
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3 Tips For Traveling With Your Spouse

There are few things more romantic than traveling to a faraway destination, running away from reality, and exploring a new part of the world with your spouse. Travel compatibility is a must for any travel partner, which makes your spouse the perfect travel companion given that your spouse is likely the person you are most compatible with in the whole world. Not to mention, a different level of growth, development, and bonding is possible when traveling, so traveling with your spouse is one of the best things you can do for your relationship.  Read on to find out some tips to make your next trip with your spouse the best it can be!

Be prepared to compromise

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the very essence of marriage is built on love and sacrifice. When it comes to travel, make sure the two of you are open to each other’s ideas and take turns when deciding where to eat, what to do, and where to stay. Before you leave for your trip, make sure you are both on the same page as to how decisions will be made when you’re on your trip. Staying open and remaining flexible is the recipe for a successful trip no matter where you go.

Get creative with your activities

Look for activities you wouldn’t be able to do at home and are always more fun with a partner to do them with. Maybe it’s learning to cook pasta from scratch in a small town in Italy or riding in a hot air balloon above Napa Valley’s beautiful landscape. Whatever you choose, be sure you both agree you wouldn’t be able to have the same experience if you were back at home.

Plan enough time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate

While it’s always a good idea to take advantage of whatever your location offers, make sure you schedule in some downtime in between activities. A nap on the beach or a spa day at the resort are perfect options, but if your hotel bed is calling your name, that’s just as acceptable. Your bodies and your moods will thank you later! Sometimes there truly isn’t anything more comforting than just relaxing with the one you love most anyways.

Traveling with your spouse is one of the best ways to grow your relationship and your love for each other. Follow these tips for the best trip yet!

Ryder and Nicole Erickson3 Tips For Traveling With Your Spouse
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