For Ryder and Nicole Erickson, mentorship is about more than just business; it’s about helping others to find their purposes, develop useful life skills, get out of debt, and enhance their personal relationships.

When they were first starting out, they had mentors of their own, mentors who helped them to realize their dreams, build their business, and increase their own financial IQ. Those mentors also helped them to strengthen their marriage and learn how to be better, more effective parents. There was no aspect of their lives that mentorship didn’t help to improve in some way.

It’s because of that personal and professional mentorship that Ryder and Nicole were able to reach the level of success they attained. And, because they’re so grateful for that help they received, they’ve decided to pay it forward.

They now devote whatever free time isn’t spent with their family helping and mentoring others. It’s one of their greatest joys to be able to help other people find their way out of debt—not just because debt is so restrictive, but because when you’ve found your way out of debt, you’re free to live the life you want to live. Suddenly, when you’re financially free, Mom and Dad don’t have to run off frantically to the office every morning; they get to spend time with their kids and live their best lives. Ryder and Nicole have experienced that joy for themselves, and they delight in being able to transform other people’s lives in a similar fashion.

As mentors, Ryder and Nicole are not only business coaches, they’re also teachers. Ryder says of his mentorship, “We love teaching people how to build a business and become better at managing their lives all around.” That kind of teaching was imparted to them from people who lived a lifestyle they admired, and they’re happy to be able to pass that along to the new business owners who look up to them in the same way they looked up to their mentors.

At the center of their mentoring philosophy is the idea that everyone deserves the chance to live their best lives—lives filled with strong, healthy, meaningful relationships and free of the shackles of debt and financial worries.

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